Project Name: Suzhou China Pacific Life Insurance Building

Customer: CPIC Suzhou Subsidiary

Design Time: 2010/12

Project Location: Suzhou Industrial Park

Scale: 39,000 spm

Cooperation: Na

Design Stage: Under construction


Suzhou CPIC Building is located in No.471, key area of Suzhou Industrial Park. Lying at the corner of Suxiu Road, the proprietor hopes it could be a landmark building.

Around the location, there are many newly-built high-rise buildings of around 100 meters' height, while according to the plan, we can only build a construction of 65 meters' height. The essential problem lies in how to design a landmark shorter than others.

We design a dark grey cube floating in the midair, inside which is for office, while the business lobby below it is a transparent glass structure. The shape as a cube will� contrast greatly wthl the surrounding buildings.

To ensure the abstract form of the cube, we must try to avoid the messy look when the windows are open. Therefore, we put all the openable windows in the groove on the facade.� We also set an inner yard in the center of the cube, provding good ventilation and light for the office area.

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