Customer: Sincere Property Holdings Limited co., LTD

Design Time: 2012.10

Project Location: Wuxi

Scale: 1,200 spm

Cooperation: Na

Design Stage: Concept design


The site lies in the entrance of an old industrial area. In Wuxi, many factory districts were abandoned and then transformed into the current office area. This building will serve as the first newly-built building in the park, taking the role of welcoming guests and making demonstrations.

The tremendous construction left from the industrial era could certainly accommodate modern offices with flexibility, and we could demolish all walls to maximize the room and then rearrange it according to the new functions. But in this way, what is the difference between keeping an old building and constructing a new one?

After the study and research on these industrial buildings, we find out that the charisma comes from their firm(permenant) structure and temporary functions. The combination of these two characteristics indicates that they are solid enough to stand as the frame, but needless to be treated seriously as to its aesthetic or historic features.

These two opposite features guide our practices in constructing the new building. The strong steel frames allow the building to adjust quickly to any future changes in functions - firstly the exhibition hall, then a gym, maybe soon an office - in the future, the construction might also be demolished, when the steel frames could be recycled. We appreciate such an attitude: the open space and the construction could be mutually converted. Constructing  while demolishing could help to gain the balance. Besides, the construction has to be solid and beautiful when it stands erect.

The building consists of three main parts: exhibition, office and conference. Exhibition hall will be the most public space which should be seen on the approach.

Teh exhibition space is placed in the southwest corner, the entrance of the site; The office branch in the southeast; Conference in the north. Main hall in the center, including services, reception and rest area, connects all three functional spaces. The link between any of the functions is very convenient.

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