Project Name: Office Building of Shangrao Environmental Protection Bureau

Customer: Shangrao Environmental Protection Bureau

Design Time: 2008/02-2008/03

Project Location: Shangrao, Jiangxi Province

Scale: 10,000 sqm

Cooperation: Na

Design Stage: Conceptual design


It is the office building of Shangrao Environmental Protection Bureau. The site locates at one side of the central axis of the new district of Shangrao city and is adjacent to the planning Meteorological Bureau building in the west.

Considering of the governing range of the bureau, the client hopes our design may fuse green concept of energy-saving and serious government image.

The simple and tidy outside facade creates an image of governmental authority, while its inside relax and active yard space provides a comfortable and pleasant experience for the tenants. The very tight budget impels us to employ low-tech means to meet the green and energy-saving requirements. In our diesign, location of air-conditioner and three-dimensional greening plus sun-shading system are integrated to form a unified facade system. Inside the building, an elaborate consideration is made to the air circulation organisation based on the local climate conditions.

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