Project Name: Tibet Nationality Middle School

Customer: Tibet Nationality Middle School

Design Time: 2008/07-2008/08

Project Location: Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Scale: 14,090 spm

Cooperation: ICDA

Design Stage: Design competition first prize


Tibet Nationality Middle School is a school intelligently supported by Jiangsu Province and was rebuilt on another place.

Four yards are available in the school.
Tree Yard——enclosed by classrooms; sand gravels are laid in the yard; several trees are planted in the center of the yard like Tibetan Nuns Project
Lotus Yard——located between the library and teachers’ office building; well-spaced platforms are arranged around a pool, in which lotus is floating
Tower Yard——is surrounding the library and is at the right center of the school; the steps surrounding the library to the highest balcony
Barley Yard——is a yard of the dormitory; barley is planted for landscape, making the Tibetan students link with scene of their hometown
The four yards are connected with each other; galleries are available for connecting to each part of the school.

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