Project Name: Tongling Museum

Customer: Tongling municipal government

Design Time: 2008/09-2008/12

Project Location: Tongling City, Anhui Province

Scale: 17,900 spm

Cooperation: ICDA

Design Stage: Design competition first prize


The new Tongling Museum located by the side of the artifitial lake in the New Xihu District of Tongling city.

As the origin of cooper in history and today’s resourse-based industrial city, the future of Tongling city is to become an ecocity with “Shanshui”,which means city in natural landscape elements.

Our concept is to build up a connection of history, reality and future.

While located in the new district, the surrounding area is still empty, the most important issue we need to deal with is to set up an icon. We choose simple cube volumn as the starting point and release the ground floor by lifting the building up. The ground space is turned back to the public with entrance facing to all directions.

By arranging the exhibition and public area on upper floors while storehouse and research section underground, the zoning is simple and clear. The courtyard improves the quality of lighting and ventilation and also creates the communication between different floors.

Our proposal wins the first prize among 18 competitors.

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