Project Name: East longitude 120 Theme Tower

Customer: Changzhou Bureau of Parks

Design Time: 2008/10-2008/12

Project Location: Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Scale: 2,000 spm

Cooperation: ICDA

Design Stage: Construction in progress


The meridian of east longitude 120 is the central meridian of GMT 8 Time Zone (Beijing Time).

Changzhou City of Jiangsu Province is the only big city that is crossed by east longitude 120. Therefore, “Changzhou Time” is a more accurate “Beijing Time”.

Changzhou plans to build an East Longitude 120 Theme Park by using such a unique geography and culture resource. This project, named as East Longitude 120 Theme Tower, is the most important building in this Theme Park. We design it as a ring floating on the water surface.

East longitude 120 and west longitude 60 form an enclosed circle surrounding the Earth. We scale down the circle by 100,000 times and put on the lake in the centre of the park. Furthermore, sightseeing compartments are provided in the inner part of the circle. The tourists take the sightseeing compartments to rise to the upper air from the under-water scene and return after traveling for one cycle.

The surface of the ring is covered with thousands of circular glasses. LED behind the glass is available for the ring to show time and other unique patterns.

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