Project Name: Tianjin Xiqing District Planning Exhibition Hall

Customer: Tianjin Xiqing District Planning Bureau

Design Time: 2008/10-2008/12

Project Location: Tianjin Xiqing District

Scale: 36,692 spm

Cooperation: Na

Design Stage: Design competition first prize


Tianjin Xiqing District Planning Exhibition Hall, Yangliu Youth Picture Gallery and Meeting Center are key landmarks for an important and newly emerging cultural city. As the plot is narrow and located in the jointing of two important city roads, a layout of longitudinal superposition has been considered.

The building is inspired from the textures of the Chinese traditional cities as well as changes of open courtyards and covering space. The building is characterized in contrast expression in various scales as well as contrasts between the complex system formed by small-scale courtyards and large-scale central courtyards. The distinct sense of hierarchicy reminds the sense of order of Forbidden City and labyrinth layout.

The Entrance Square cut from the main part is located opposite the City Park, providing an open public space and around-the-clock service for people. The huge roof covered on the top of the Entrance Square is available for rain shelter and providing shadow in the hot summer.

The building top is designed as a city garden in the air. This unique public space, consisted of several gardens, dining halls and viewing platforms is open to the public. The visitors can not only enjoy a quiet garden atmosphere, but also have a full view of the beautiful city.

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