Project Name: Baise Science and Culture Centre

Customer: Baise Government

Design Time: 2009/06-2009/07

Project Location: Long scenic Baise

Scale: 55,000 spm

Cooperation: ICDA

Design Stage: Competition


The Baise Science and Culture Centre is a complex consist of theatre, science and techonology museum, library, archive, urban planning Bereau, hotel, commercial sectors and restaurants.As the biggest investment in Baise city since 1950s,this complex will provide not only all necessary programe areas for a modern city,but also an an space for public leisure and entertainment.

Baise is a city surrounded by Karst topography. All karst elements including basin, cave, pit, terraces, lakes and sedimentary rocks can be found in this area.To define this urban character we use the geographic slice of Baise’s hilly terrain as our design prototype.

A building normally means an occupation of land and an isolation to the public. However, Baise Science and Culture Centre opens the ground floor and top floor to the public with different height and space atmosphere. With functions like leisure, entertainment and restaurants, it becomes a dynamic and vibrant living space in the city.

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