Project Name: Zhongtong Mansion , Wujin

Customer: Changzhou Traffic Bureau

Design Time: 2009/05-2009/06

Project Location: Wujin District, Changzhou

Scale: 58,737 spm

Cooperation: ICDA

Design Stage: Conceptual design


In this project, the owners of the Communication Bureau hope it is not only a hundred-story high office, but also becomes a landmark of the whole district outstanding from the surrounding several 100-meter buildings.

How to make it as a landmark? Compared to the prior architect shapes, we consider it is a more reasonable manner to perform a logic shape operation. Furthermore, the applications of ecological and sustainable technology enable the building outstanding from the surrounding blocks.

Our form operation logic is “Cut-off”. For different elements on the base, such as roads, high lines and stream channels and etc., we have made a proper cut and obtained a reasonable plane layout. Then we made a cut to its three-dimensional size to meet the functional requirements, such as two independent entrance halls were available. Also the relationship between the building and city has been considered, such as the roof balcony, from which a view of Changzhou downtown and city historical sites in the west can be obtained.

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