Project Name: Handicap service complex

Customer: Henan's Disabled person's Federation

Design Time: 2009/05-2009/06

Project Location: Zheng Dong New District, Zhengzhou, Henan

Scale: 50,000 spm

Cooperation: Tongji Architectural Design(Group) Co. Ltd.

Design Stage: Competition


Henan Comprehensive Service Center for the handicapped located in the Zhengdong New District, to the south of Jinshui road, the west of West Houjia street and the north of Xueli road. The first phase of the construction covers 50,000 square meters while second phase covers 30,000 square meters. Thoughtful barrier-free design provides maximum comfort for handicapped people , so that they can enjoy life like ordinary people. Central help desk, system of the blind, disabled lifts and lifting platforms, barrier-free parking spaces, barrier-free seating, temporary wheelchair rental and other advanced and comprehensive facilities for the handicapped enabled them to have a convenient living and made sure that all the places can be barrier-free reach.

The distributed layout allows every space closer to the outdoor greenland. Besides, since the traffic line stretch, traffic pressure is broken down into transport area of various functional space. On this basis, we will lift the site and provide users with a multilayer green space and adequate sunshine.

The architectures looked like trees grew from green hillside. Plazas, gardens, courtyards and observatory platforms are all lush and surrounded by green belt. The southeastern part of the building combined with the residential function to set the concentration of green garden. Greenbelt extended from the courtyards to the middle of the public distribution hall. concentrated public space was covered by large-scale greened roof, combined with the twist of the architecture, balcony and green viewing platform were set up at the south part of the volume and the roof. In this environment, users can fully enjoy the sunshine and the green space.

All functions of the building are connected by a tree structure. Starting from the public distribution hall, under the guidance of the receptionists, you can get to the service area of each section conveniently including the restroom and reception area. You can also get to the transportation space to each section directly and then to your destination.

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