Project Name: Commercial Complex of New Zhengzhou Station

Customer: GreenLand Group

Design Time: 2009/06-2009/07

Project Location: Zhengzhou

Scale: 300,000 spm

Cooperation: TianHua

Design Stage: Conceptual design


This project, which is located in the Zhengdong New Zone, Zhengzhou City, covers the four plots in the north included in the nine plots of West Square of New Zhengzhou Station. The downtown is located in the northwest of the location and the new station is located in the southeast.

As an integral “City Complex”, its general functions are oriented to business, combining hotels, offices, apartments and underground business.

Our design concept marks as “A city growing like a tree”.

Conforming to the surrounding environment and development sequences, the “Tree” grows from the northwest corner (one side close to the downtown) of the location and gradually extends to the southeast corner. Finally it crosses the business space of the whole location in an opposite angle, then the high-story buildings as offices, apartments and hotels and etc. which extend from both sides.

In the “Tree” business space, we have designed a group of amazing space nodes available for marvelous sights experience in this “Rising City”.

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