Project Name: Changzhou xinqiao elementary school

Customer: Xinqiao Elementary School

Design Time: 2009/01

Project Location: Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Scale: 40,000 spm

Cooperation: ICDA

Design Stage: Competition


Xinqiao elementary school grows out of Daoxiang school established in 1885. The location of school has been changed several times until the last move to the current site.

As the model sports school and green school of Jiangsu province, the new school architecture requires high-standard space for sports and green. Sufficient indoor space for public activities for student extracurricular associations is slao necessary. The most famous association among all is Wisteria Poet Club which is famous for children poetry.

The site area is tight to meet all the requirements.We adopt compact architectural composition to design all the programes as integrated volume while keeping the whole site as green area. Architecture floating over the green ensures the consecutiveness of virescence and also gives more space for outdoor activities.

The wisteria in old school will be transplanted to the main lobby of the new building as a symbol for Wisteria Poet Club. It also symbolizes that the school spirit which spanning over 125 years will be continued on in new school.

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