Project Name: Hohai University Laboratory Building

Customer: Hohai University

Design Time: 2009/02-2009/03

Project Location: Changzhou

Scale: 15,000 sqm

Cooperation: ICDA

Design Stage: Conceptual design


Hohai University Laboratory Building located in the southeast of Changzhou Campus, Hohai University. The assignment was to build a 11-store building. North to this building was a teaching building, the newly designed lab building must ensure it can have enough sunshine.

According to the usual, we can only design a normal tall building with a corridor in the middle, and the classrooms along two sides. However, we hope that there would be a courtyard inside the building so that the students and the teachers can have a space to rest and communicate.

Therefore we designed a building with inclined roof, so that we can make the building deeper to accommodate a courtyard. At the same time, we made the building higher in order to leave plenty of sunshine to the northern teaching building. The large hole in the southern upper part of the building not only brought enough sunlight, but also increased recognition of the laboratory building.

Inside the northern inclined roof, arranged professors' research laboratory. Take the advantage of the balcony formed by the inclined roof, it provide the lab with a good environment and the nice perspective towards the campus landscape. Mosaic paving the abstract patterns of the badge on the building.

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