Project Name: Changzhou High-speed Railway Transportation hub

Customer: Changzhou High-speed Railway Transportation hub

Design Time: 2009.06-2010.05

Project Location: Xinbei District ,Changzhou

Scale: 15,000 spm

Cooperation: ICDA

Design Stage: Conceptual design


The Coach Station of Xinbei district,Changzhou locates on the one side of the southern square of the High-speed Railway Station. The southern sqaure owns an open base with unconventional large-scale.

The building extends in the north-south direction with the vertical arrangement of the volume of high-speed rail station. Both the eastern and western sides of the building slanting outward, naturally forms a shelter from rainning along the square and departure site.

At the same time, the inside part of the building forms a courtyard which can provide the upstairs hotel with sunlight and ventilation.People walking on the square can be reflected onto the wall by covering the slanting fa�ades of building with mirror glass.

The height and the volume of the Coach Station is far less than the High-Speed Railway Station. However, its sharp shape forms a strong contrast against the coach station's round shape.These two buildings achieve balance on the large square.

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