Project Name: Sinopec Shanghai Research Office Building

Customer: Sinopec Shanghai

Design Time: 2009.04-2009.05

Project Location: Shanghai

Scale: 157,500 spm

Cooperation: Na

Design Stage: Conceptual design


The block locates in the core area of Pudong district. The large afforestation to the north of the base stands right opposite to the base across the river. The location keeps quiet in the noisy neighbourhood and boasts a rich landscape resource by nature. The target this time is to provide the best landscape environment for all the office space, thus, we bring out the design concept of landscape style of office.

In respect to the layout, to utilize exterior landscape resource maximally, we design to take advantage of the depth of the base, and set the high-rise office area in the north and south ends. Inside the base, the multilayer office area is located in the garden landscape embraced by high-rise buildings. To achieve the characteristic of landscape style office, we put te traffic line underground to avoid roadways on the ground.

Along the direction in depth, we set the winding water axis and straight square axis, and we also set a green axis in the horizontal direction to form a changeable pedestrian area with landscape. By the constructions like grass slope and sinking courtyard, we try to reduce the shape of the multilayer office buildings , and to diversify the space layers of the garden landscape.

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